SPA Jacuzzi Chambery Hotel des Princes


SPA Hôtel des Princes Chambéry

Relax at l’Hotel de Princes Spa during your stay in Chambéry. Open daily from 9.00 am till 9.00 pm. By reservation only. Book in advance your private session and enjoy all the pleasures of the spa.

Session Rates
45min 16 € /pers
  • Sauna de Sasha select from Bio sauna, Roman sauna or Finish sauna. Chromodream lighting and blue-tooth technology are the finishing touches that make this the most relaxing environment you could possibly imagine, with a scent of refined solid wood and intense heat.
  • Our steam room select from Tepidarium, Hammam or Calidarium.
  • Shower room select from cold fog, light rain or tropical rain.
  • City SPA jacuzzi, unveils a new home wellness dimension in which design and cutting-edge technology blend for a multi-sensorial experience in total comfort. Thanks to the two lounges and the hydromassage jets fitted at 30° angles, it offers the possibility of sharing a real professional hydromassage and a real indoor or outdoor Spa treatment.