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  • Hydration Strategy brilliance – 1h – 65,00 €
    This delicate treatment is the perfect escape for tired, dull skin. A series of Ridokis massage tools are used within the massage which begins with stretching the nape of the neck; cleansing and exfoliating the skin before you enjoy a relaxing mask and Shiatsu massage movements, the ultimate in deep relaxation.
  • Facial for men – 1h – 65,00 €
    Stressed and fatigued male skin will love this detoxifying treatment, combining moisturisation with deep cleansing (peel, blackhead removal, masque, etc). The skin is left relaxed, purified and intensely moisturised.
  • Original Beauty – 1h30 – 90,00 €
    This intensive anti-ageing treatment is designed to combat wrinkles, loss of elasticity and reduce the appearance of pigmentation. After a deep cleanse of the skin, including a peel to encourage cell renewal, you will enjoy a fatigue- removal face massage. The treatment is completed with the application of a collagen mask and kneading acupuncture movements, while massaging the arms and legs. The results are radiant skin and a visible reduction in the signs of ageing. Anti-ageing techniques include traditional Japanese and Thai tools such as (Ridokis and Nouat-Na) to stimulate circulation and firm the skin.


  • Oriental massage – 1h – 65,00 €
    This massage frees the body from all its tensions by working the muscles and skin with agile, graceful strokes and gentle, comforting movements. The kneading, treading and smoothing movements will leave you feeling relaxed and calm.This massage works the body with parallel movements, resulting in a feeling of well-being, a rested mind and a relaxed body.
  • Ayurvedic Massage – 1h – 65,00 €
    Deep and powerful, this treatment uses intensely works on muscle tissue with a variety of movements which are both invigorating and stimulating. Through the careful application of pressure, sustained strokes, tapping and stretching, the skin and muscles are warmed while the mind and body become relaxed.
  • Singapore Massage – 1h30 – 90,00 €
    This spectacular treatment draws on three cultures to deliver an intensely relaxing and calming experience. Specifically designed to expel fatigue from the body as well as rid it of daily stresses and tensions. In order to re-balance energies, movements are precise and sustained, focusing on the tense parts of the body. Back tensions are carefully worked (Chinese massage) before a progressive massage of the abdomen (Malaysian method). The treatment culminates with the elimination of ‘body heat’ achieved by stimulating the foot’s reflex zones (Indian massage with the Kansu bowl). Ideal for people seeking to rid themselves of daily tensions.
  • Regenerating back massage – 1h – 65,00 €
    This treatment combines deep muscular techniques (sustained pressure, kneading) and Thai stretching (light movement sand relief of pressure on the joints). It targets the back and legs to release tension, leaving you feeling calm and serene.
  • Cocoon massage (especially for expectant mothers) – 1h – 65,00 €
    This massage, specially developed for expectant mothers, is simultaneously gentle, comforting and toning. It aims at improving blood circulation and relaxing muscles to soothe the legs and back of the mother to be. Ideal for expectant mothers seeking a little ‘me’ time to feel lighter, more relaxed and ultimately radiant.
  • Just Mother Massage – 1h – 65,00 €
    This massage, specifically designed for new mums, detoxifies and relaxes. The stimulating combination of 4 Teas Elixir and lymphatic drainage strokes relieves the legs. Tight areas in the back and arms are deeply relaxed. The new mother will come round with a feeling of lightness all over her body. Ideal for : recharging ones batteries after giving birth. To be practised at least one month after giving birth.


  • Nepalese Style Tea Exfoliation – 30 min – 35,00 €
    A chance to revitalise the skin’s radiance through gentle massage and exfoliation. An aromatic paste of apricot oil, shea butter, bamboo powder and Complexe des 4 Thés® (4 Teas Elixir) rids your skin of impurities, leaving it feeling fresh and radiant.
  • Bourbon Tea Intense Body Wrap – 30min – 35,00 €
    Sumptuous and creamy Bourbon Tea Intense Body Wrap will give you super-soft and comfortable skin. Combining the beneficial properties of milk, rice and kaolin powders with a vanilla and coconut nectar, the treatment envelops the body in a sheen of softness and moisture. As your skin revitalises, let your body relax and absorb the unique fragrances and sensations with our scalp and foot massage.
  • Regenerating Back Massage with 4 Teas – 30min – 35,00 €
    Allow your body to completely unwind with this unique treatment combining a series of deep muscular techniques (sustained pressure, kneading) for total relaxation.
  • Instant Glow Green Tea Facial – 30min – 35,00 €
    This is an express facial which totally refreshes the skin. You are led through a series of gentle phases; cleansing (make up removal, gentle steam, exfoliation), a de-stress facemask (decongesting green tea compresses) and massage (focusing on the muscles of the upper body).


  • THÉMAÉ Ritual – Body & Face – 1h30 – 90,00 €
    This all-over treatment combines body massage with the facial Hydration Strategy-Brilliance facial for head to toe well-being. After the welcome ritual, your back and scalp are deeply massaged before a facial which alternates between skin stimulation, relaxation and smoothing. Then, a mask is applied while your legs are massaged. This treatment results in a fresh, light complexion, while your body feels relaxed and recharged.
  • Ritual of Delights – Body & Face – 2h – 125,00 €
    This invigorating treatment is ideal before the THÉMAÉ Ritual. It uses our unique exfoliator blended with apricot oil and bamboo powder to effectively smooth the skin’s surface and prepare the body for the next treatment.


  • Massage for 2 – 1h – 120,00 €
    Share this moment of rest and relaxation couples, friends or family.
  • Dream of one day – 1h30 – 195,00 €
    The duo massage is complemented by a wonderful body scrub Tea in Nepal, 2 glasses of Champagne, a sweetness and a personalized service with rose petals.

We inform you that our care and Ceremonies THEMAE is care wellnessand relaxation and in no case therapeutic or paramedical assistance.